Block of the Month

Traditionally, a block of the month program is all about making a sampler quilt.  Each month a pattern is handed out.  Each month you make a block for yourself.  At the end of the program you have a pile of blocks intended to be used as the focus in one quilt.

Our program could work this way...

BUT ours has a twist!

Our Block of the Month (BOM) works much the same as a traditional BOM except the blocks are turned in for a chance to win enough of them to make a quilt.

Each month, members who choose to participate are given a kit and/or instructions for a block.  That block is to be returned at the next monthly meeting.  Members can make as many blocks as they want, but must take a kit for each one and return either the unfinished kits or the completed blocks at the next meeting.  For each block completed their name is included in a drawing to win the blocks.  One name is then drawn to win all of the blocks submitted.

January Block of the Month will be...

Here is the information for the November BOM that is to be turned in January. I was inspired by blocks found on Pinterest - but the site that supposedly had the free pattern and instructions had links to blank pages - so i drafted it myself.  My sample block was done with 2 shades of red, but the directions can be done with one red, or multiple!  Also gave the option to do a 'Blue Jay' instead of a 'Cardinal', and the birds can be done facing right or left.  Just straight forward piecing - no paper piecing! 

Thanks for Participating!