Block of the Month

Traditionally, a block of the month program is all about making a sampler quilt.  Each month a pattern is handed out.  Each month you make a block for yourself.  At the end of the program you have a pile of blocks intended to be used as the focus in one quilt.

Our program could work this way...

BUT ours has a twist!

Our Block of the Month (BOM) works much the same as a traditional BOM except the blocks are turned in for a chance to win enough of them to make a quilt.

Each month, members who choose to participate are given a kit and/or instructions for a block.  That block is to be returned at the next monthly meeting.  Members can make as many blocks as they want, but must take a kit for each one and return either the unfinished kits or the completed blocks at the next meeting.  For each block completed their name is included in a drawing to win the blocks.  One name is then drawn to win all of the blocks submitted.

May Block of the Month will be...

May 2019 - Dancing Umbrellas

Thanks for Participating and Happy Stitching!

Tami Beltran