Area Quilt Shops

Arlington, TX

Lone Star House of Quilts, Arlington, TX

Carrolton, TX

Old Craft Store, Carrollton, TX

Celeste, TX

Quilt Mercantile, Celeste, TX

Colleyville, TX

Quilter's Dream, Colleyville, TX

Dallas, TX

Quilters Connection, Dallas, TX

Denton, TX

Urban Spools, Dallas, TX -  A Sewing Lounge Denton, TX

Minding My P's & Q's, Denton, TX

Gainesville, TX

Passtime Fabrics, Gainesville, TX

Grapevine, TX

Must Love Fabric, Grapevine, TX 

Hurst, TX

Quilter's Stash, Hurst, TX

Joshua, TX

Sandy's Quilt Shop, Joshua, TX

Keller, TX

Old Town Quilts, Keller, TX

Lewisville, TX

Quilt Country, Lewisville, TX

McKinney, TX

Happiness Is...Quilting, McKinney, TX

Stitched With Love, McKinney, TX

Miniola, TX

Stitchin' Heaven, Miniola, TX

Plano, TXFabric Fanatics, Plano, TX

The Texas Quilter, Plano, TX

Not Your Momma's Quilt Store - The newest shop in our area! Owned and operated by FQG family!

Rockwall, TX

Texas Quilt Works, Rockwall, TX

Whitesboro, TX

Kaleidoscope Quilting Shop, Whitesboro, T